Skincare Testimonials

I’ve been battling acne since the beginning of masks and this got it almost completely cleared up. I was seriously impressed!! Loved it!!

-Betty B.


I really liked the simplicity of the skin care line.  Just three quick steps and your skin instantly feels clean and refreshed.  I like how non-abrasive the scrub was.  I have had issues in the past with scrubs that were too harsh.  The biggest surprise to me was that my favorite part was finishing with the oil.  I really thought it would make my face way too oily, but it really just replenished it.  I will say that I did not use the full amount of drops it says on the bottle.  The girl in the store who showed me how to use it said she didn’t use the full amount of drops and recommended I test it out to see what worked best for my skin type.  It was a great recommendation as 3-4 drops was just enough for me and didn’t leave me oily. The only slightly con I had was the scent.  It wasn’t bad at all I just prefer citrus scents. Thanks for letting me try it out!!!

-Beth T.


The GoldenFinch skin care regimen is out of this world… leaves your skin smooth, perfectly hydrated, and looking like a million bucks (only it’s actually affordable)!

-Corrie E.


The skincare 3 step system from Golden Finch Boutique is amazing!  My skin has never felt cleaner or more smooth!  I have very sensitive skin - so I was hesitant at first - after using it consistently I loved the results!  Go get you some!  You will not be disappointed!  Thanks Golden Finch!!

- Heidi T.


This skincare set is amazing!! My skin has never looked better. I have never been one to have a skincare routine, but since using these, I actually look forward to taking care of my skin. Not only does this set make your skin feel amazing, but it's also affordable and lasts so long!

- Savanna H.


I definitely noticed my redness has improved. That's probably the biggest thing since my skin has always had a red undertone. I've really enjoyed it so far because 1. The exfoliant isn't too harsh. 2. My face felt moisturized after all 3 steps. 3. I don't have dryness and need to reapply serum to moisturize my face during the day, which I have had to do in the past with other products.

- Katrine C