Goldenfinch Boutique has had a variety of homes. The first was in the heart of Charlotte Beck, owner and designer of the Goldenfinch experience. Next was a sweet little storefront off of Sheridan Road in Peoria, IL. The storefront dream took a hiatus for 2 years as Charlotte focused her time on her growing family. When she was inspired to go “on the road” in a converted old Entemenn’s Baked Goods truck, she found a way to balance the boutique and a vibrant family life. Soon, Goldenfich homegoods and customers were bursting at the seams of the mobile boutique, and a new location became needed. As devoted residents of Washington, IL, Charlotte and her family began seeking opportunities to find a home for Goldenfinch in their community. An unlikely dream came true for the Beck family when a space in a 1900s building on Washington Square became available in Winter 2019. Charlotte, her husband Tim, and their kids put in long, hard hours to renovate this space, lovingly bringing out its unique character and throwback feel. This adorable spot now serves as home to the Goldenfinch Boutique. And all that hard work and investment in their community paid off as the shop was awarded the 2020 Washington Beautification award for bringing a new, fresh vision to the quaint, small town vibes of this adorable downtown.


My family’s history of small business ownership is the soil, water and light that gave life to my entrepreneurial spirit. Being a boutique owner became a dream in my heart that grew with every trip to a beautiful, unique,  “off the beaten path” shop that I dragged my children through as a young mom. I have always been drawn to those who bravely try to make their own way in small business ownership. Those who are able to create a space that immerses others in their vision.  Those who have done the hard work to make a business grow into something that brings beauty and inspiration to their communities. The season in which the Goldenfinch seed could finally grow into a beautiful flower when my children grew a little older and I became a little braver.